The ClickUp Bundle


With The ClickUp Bundle, you'll get access to a proven process that over 2700+ agencies have used to implement ClickUp successfully.

The 47-page guide on How to Implement ClickUp For Agencies will help you jumpstart ClickUp for your team and provide a complete framework for successfully navigating the entire deployment journey.

You'll also get our pre-built Client Onboarding template in ClickUp, allowing you to shorten the time to value for all your future clients.

But that's not all—The ClickUp Bundle also includes our Client Journey Template (in Google Slides), so you can get a customized visual journey designed quickly to share with prospects and clients.

Fill out the form on this page and look for an immediate email with all 3 resources—it's time to cancel chaos and create clarity!

What's inside?

Get the step-by-step proven process 2700+ agencies have used to implement ClickUp and our pre-built Client Onboarding template directly added to your agency's ClickUp portal.

As a bonus, you'll also get our Client Journey Template to help your prospects visualize their journey towards becoming clients.

The ClickUp for Agencies Guide and our templates are the result of years of dedication to getting the most out of this extremely versatile tool and cracking the formula of gold standard operations.

More importantly, what we share here is based on hundreds of successful deployments at agencies of various sizes and specialties. This is hard-won knowledge that we have earned in the trenches.

By sharing these resources with the world, we intend to give hundreds of agencies a shortcut to operational excellence.

Gray MacKenzie, Co-Founder @ ZenPilot