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How Agency Owners Can Provide the Structure Their Team Members Crave with Clodagh Higgins

There is a distinct mindset difference between agency owners and their team members. Being an entrepreneur brings a natural tendency to thrive in uncharted waters.

We love to go out and create new things. This idea brings us life and keeps us moving forward.

But what brings us life can set others up to fail. 

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How to Build an All-Star Remote Contractor Team

In this episode of Agency Journey, Chelsea Brady from 7th Sight shares her story of building her agency and a high-quality remote contractor team.

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How to Start a Marketing Agency with a Full-Time Job

In this episode of Agency Journey, Jes Schroeder from Ideas Factory and Red Tomato about starting an agency on the side of a full-time job.

Jes moved to Medellin, Colombia from Australia where she works for Red Tomato. She decided that she could use her marketing skills on the side to help businesses in Colombia.

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