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How to Use Discovery Projects to Land Your Ideal Clients

In this episode of Agency Journey, Dan Kraus from Leading Results shares his story and the importance of discovery projects.

Dan has a background in software but saw the importance of marketing in generating leads and seeing that was a consistent pain point. He began as a marketing consultant and Duct Tape Marketing, before becoming a full agency.

Leading Results focuses on strategy, execution, and some websites and they rely on HubSpot as an all in one solution.

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Brennan Dunn on Discovery Projects and Increasing Profitability

Do you want to increase your agency's profitability?

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Building Inbound Buy-In with Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan needs no introduction. He is an inbound marketing legend, a prominent keynote speaker, and the founder of The Sales Lion and of two podcasts: The Hubcast and Mad Marketing

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Creating a Focused Inbound Agency Framework with Nate Riggs

Take Control of Your Business

For Nate Riggs, finding focus is key to life. He has a long background in marketing.

This led to a successful social media consulting firm at the height of the social media boom. It was through this experience that Nate discovered inbound.

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