Client Tracker Template [Built in ClickUp]

One Source of Truth for All Your Accounts

ZenPilot Agency Client Tracker [Free Template]

Storing account info across multiple tools can lead to a lot of wasted time and unhappy clients. Save time and effectively organize your client data in one place to understand their needs and identify issues before they arise.

The Agency Client Tracker Template provides you with everything you need to keep clients happy.
✅ 14 custom fields to track critical client information (health score, NPS, objectives, phase, revenue, etc.)
✅ 8 pre-configured views to see only the information you need.
✅ A built-in activity tracker to curate and track every account management update.
✅ A pre-configured form for your sales team to pass deals over to your delivery team.
✅ An instructional guide to help you customize your health tracker and start using it today.

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Stay ahead of client needs and drive customer satisfaction with this customizable ClickUp client tracker template built specifically for agencies.

Client Tracker Walkthrough

Watch our 9-minute overview of the client tracker template to understand how you can:

  1. achieve grater visibility into customer objectives, timelines, and health;
  2. increase efficiency by streamlining handoffs and avoiding context switching;
  3. and get ahead of client issues with actionable insights.