Announcing Agency Toolbox: A Podcast for Smart Agency Marketers

What's in your agency toolbox?

Agency marketers ask about tools all the time and there are lots of listings, reviews, and directory sites about marketing tools. What's missing is someone to explain exactly what tools you should consider for your agency, and exactly how to use them in an agency environment. That's why Agency Toolbox exists — watch this video to learn more:

A Quick Story About Entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur, you go through a period of time at the beginning of your startup where your time is not as valuable as your money. During that window, you are willing to do things manually and choose the cheap, less efficient alternative because your money is more scarce than your time.

It doesn't take long, hopefully, to grow to the point where your time becomes increasingly valuable. Not only are you willing to pay for more efficient solutions, but you begin to realize the technology debt that you've accrued by investing in poor solutions at the beginning.

How do I know this is true? I've lived it. And I've heard it countless times.

Why Does Agency Toolbox Exist?

Over the past 4+ years as the operations guy at GuavaBox, and now at DoInbound, I've learned a lot about marketing tools, apps, and workflows. I've invested in poor solutions early-on, and paid the price later.

I've also learned, however, a lot of helpful lessons about balancing the competing forces of efficiency and frugality.

That's why I started this podcast — to share the practical lessons I've learned, along with the tools that we've used along our journey of scaling GuavaBox from a college dorm room to a successful inbound marketing agency.

Each week, I'll be releasing a new video with a detailed overview of an application that we use, why we chose it over the alternatives, how we use it, and what tricks or tips we've learned along the way.

How Should You Be Involved?

I'm still a young entrepreneur, GuavaBox isn't the biggest agency in the world (we're a HubSpot Gold Partner as of this writing), and I definitely don't have all the answers.

That's why I need you. Your participation should come in the following forms:

  • Share what you've learned about the tools I've mentioned or alternatives that you think are better.
  • Let me know what pain points you have right now in your business.
  • Give me feedback on the episode content - is it too in-depth or not enough detail?
  • Provide feedback on the episode format - how would you like to consume this material?
  • Share this podcast with your friends and peers - more perspectives will help us refine this together!

How can you participate?

Are You Truly an Early-Adopter?

If you're the kind of person who likes to get in early and wants to know how things work behind-the-scenes, I've got a treat for you.

We have four weekly podcasts that we do here at DoInbound (Inbound Agency Journey, Happy Client Show, and Inbound Sales Journey are the others). Each podcast is broken up into seasons, and each season spans one quarter (12 episodes).

For the Agency Toolbox podcast, this is the first episode of Season 1. The remaining episodes in Season 1 are produced and ready to be released weekly over the next 3 months.

Would you like to skip the wait and grab access to all 12 episodes on-demand? If so, it's a simple process:

  1. Fill out the form below to get access.
  2. Follow the instructions and email me your answers to a brief 3-question survey.
  3. I'll personally respond with the URL and your password to access all 12 episodes in Season 1.

Deal? Sweet. Fill out the form and let's connect.

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