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PPC and Leading Clients Through a Defined Journey with Tom Pritchard from Skypoynt

Tom Pritchard from the Australian-based digital growth agency, Skypoynt Digital, joins us on the podcast this week to share his story and client journey.

Skypoynt is a fully retainer-driven agency, with PPC at their core. To augment and enable their PPC services to deliver the highest ROI for the customers, Tom and the team lead their customers through a journey that begins with paid ads (which continue throughout the client journey) and landing pages, digs into Growth-Driven Design, and then continues into content marketing, inbound, and sales enablement. 

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How to Use Quizzes to Generate More Leads

In this episode of Inbound Agency Journey, Andrew interviews Josh Haynman from Try Interact about how agencies can use quizzes to generate more leads for their clients and themselves.

Josh Haynman is the co-founder of Try Interact; a quiz software platform businesses use to generate leads.

While running his digital agency, Josh noticed his clients were mostly concerned about growing their email lists.

No matter the project, collecting more emails was a pain point for the business. Realizing he needed to find creative ways to collect emails outside of contact forms, his agency began exploring the use of quizzes

Josh realized the need for quiz software for businesses and began to create Try Interact. Since then, they’ve generated over 4 million leads from quizzes!

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How Messaging Apps Can Grow Your Business

In this episode of Inbound Agency Journey, Gray interviews Dave Gerhardt from Drift about SAAS marketing and messaging software.

Dave's background has always been with SAAS companies, from Constant Contact to HubSpot, and now Drift. Dave brings a lot of experience from some of the biggest names in marketing. He offers some real insights for inbound marketers looking to become more efficient.

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How to Build a Remote Marketing Agency Team

Today's guest, Ryan Malone, is the CEO and founder of Smart Bug, an inbound marketing agency and Diamond-Tier HubSpot Partner. In this episode of Inbound Agency Journey, Ryan shares his personal background, agency story, growth and culture tips, and advice for agency owners.

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