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Another Tool Won't Solve Your Problem.

You Need a Framework.

Break each phase into repeatable systems.

I had been there a thousand times before.
It felt like a cruel nightmare that wouldn't end.
It was New Year's weekend, and I was sitting in a ski lodge.
Everyone around me was walking around in their ski boots and coats. They were enjoying lunch and hot chocolate break after a morning on the slopes.
Not me.
I was working. Agency life is a grind, and that doesn't stop on the weekends. Or holidays.
Our agency was in a growth phase. We had finally closed several retainer deals. Life should be looking up. But it wasn't.
I felt overwhelmed and underprepared.
Up to this point, my co-founders and I could keep things straight in our heads. When you only have a handful of clients, it isn't hard to keep the plates spinning.
But with things growing, we were feeling the pinch.
There I was in that ski lodge trying out another project management platform.
An hour earlier, I was SO excited. I thought I had found the unicorn. The tool that was going to solve our problem.
But now I was looking at a blank screen and a flashing cursor.
This one wasn't going to cut it either.
I leaned back in the chair and looked up at the ski slopes. They were clean and crisp. The tiny figures made their way down the hill.
It was kind of like after a whole bunch of bad dates. You start wondering if maybe the girl wasn't the problem. Maybe the problem is you.
"There has to be a better way," I thought to myself.
I didn't want to build a business that turned into a prison.
Our goal starting out was to build a business that fit our lifestyle.
But it turned out that the opposite was happening.
The agency was dictating our lifestyle.
And that needed to stop.
We needed a tool to help us pull out of client implementation.
We needed to bring in others to do the work if we wanted to grow. But no one understood the processes like we did.
We needed a way to pull all these processes out of our minds and document them in a way that other people could follow.
Maybe you've been there, too.
If you're anything like me, you have thought that what you're looking for is a project management tool.
You search high and low looking for a magical combination of features and reports.
But after countless free trials and annoying salespeople, you're left frustrated and confused.
That day in the ski lodge and in the months that followed, I discovered I was searching for something bigger.
What I was searching for was a system to manage our agency. And that is WAY beyond a simple project management tool.
We were looking for an agency operating system. This system would break everything we're trying to do into repeatable pieces.
If we could make each piece of our process repeatable, that meant we didn't need to do the work every time.
We could finally start hiring more people. We could give them a system that outlined the process they should follow.

The Path Forward 

Too many agencies don’t have a system in place to make a profit. They find themselves spending time on what is easy and not on what is profitable.
In 1955, Ray Kroc revolutionized the fast food industry. He created the franchise model that made McDonald's a household name around the world. 
The key to their success was building repeatable systems inside a scalable framework
Agencies need to think the same way.

3 Secrets to Building a Profitable Agency

Part 1: Attract Higher Paying Clients by Offering Less

Most agencies try to be everything to everyone. As a result, their websites turn into a laundry list of services with cheesy stock photos. 
Newsflash: Potential clients don't care how many cups of coffee your team consumed last year. The focus needs to shift from what services you offer to what outcomes your clients want.
This starts by borrowing your scope of service to only the select deliverable that deliver world-class results. 

Part 2: Remove Yourself from Client Work and Leverage Processes to Scale

Your agency does big things. To establish a documented process, you need to break it down the big things into smaller pieces.
If you've ever read business books like The eMyth Revisited or Traction, you know the importance to making things repeatable.
DoInbound helps you do this by providing a framework that helps you capture any agency process into a repeatable system

Part 3: Shorten and Simplify Your Sales Process

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. This is true in sales. 
Most agencies struggle with sales. Trying to present their laundry list of services to clients leaves prospects feeling overwhelmed and confused. 
A simpler approach is to sell a stand alone discovery project first. By assuming the risk, you can start working with potential clients faster. Then rely on the strength of your process of overwhelm clients with value. 
After a client completes a discovery project with you, they're WAY more likely to continue at a higher level of service. Everyone wins. So. Much. Winning.

Want to See These 3-Secrets in Action? 

Don't know about you, but I always prefer real world application. Register for our free training where we go deep into each point and share real-life agency examples of these principles in action.

We'll cover high-level frameworks all the way down to specific client journey maps and the exact, detailed processes these agencies are using to deliver.


"You and your company continue to amaze. Exceeding our expectations and truly delighting us."
Dale Corley - Director of Business Development - 98toGo
Dale Corley

How ZenPilot Helps Agencies

ZenPilot isn't like any other project management tool for agencies that you've tried. We take a different approach.
In ZenPilot, you'll find all the features of a project management platform.
You can manage client campaigns. You can document your processes. You can assign tasks and communicate with your team. You can share files and track time.
But these features alone don't solve the root problem.
The root problem is why so many agencies leave free trials of other tools disappointed and confused.
ZenPilot comes pre-loaded with documented processes to help you scale faster. We also give you the training you need to apply this framework to the work you do.
We developed these templates based on our real-life agency experience. They're going to help you build your business faster.
It doesn't matter if you're an inbound agency, web design agency, PR agency, or something else. If you service clients, you can use this framework to bring order to your operations.
But ZenPilot isn't only a tool to help you manage your agency processes and projects. We go much deeper. We provide you with agency training.
They give you the processes and templates to address specific pain areas at the agency.
The content in these courses flows right from our experiences growing an agency. But we don't stop there.
We also leverage the knowledge of helping hundreds of agencies establish their processes. You can also listen to us interview the top minds in the agency community for free on our podcast, Inbound Agency Journey. 

Watch the Free Training

Learn the 3 Secrets to Building a Profitable Agency

We'll cover high-level frameworks all the way down to specific client journey maps and the exact, detailed processes these agencies are using to deliver.