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Why Your Inbound Sales Reps Need Their Own Brand

In this episode of Inbound Sales Journey, Gray and Ryan discuss the benefits of sales reps having personal brands and how to get started building them.

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How to Conduct Agency Sales Person Performance Reviews

Sales people can make or break an agency.

It is our job as agency owners to enable our sales people to have the most success possible by giving them the support we need.

It is also our job to make sure that there are clear standards of success and an obtainable goal to be reached.

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Why Your Sales Team Needs to be Involved in Content Creation

Most agencies I speak with do not have their sales teams involved in content creation.

Instead, they just want them focuses on "selling," while the marketing team or agency owners are the ones out there creating the content driving leads to them. 

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How to Train New Sales People at Your Agency

Hiring a dedicated sales person is an exciting, but daunting task for most agencies.

The exciting part is the potential revenue gained.

The daunting part is getting that sales person to a place of high performance. 

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How to Use Personality to Sell Inbound Marketing

Sales is an emotional profession. There are highs and lows, wins and losses and a whole lot of personalities. 

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8 Attributes of Successful Agency Sales Reps

In this episode, Gray and I each dive into what you should be looking for when hiring an inbound marketing agency sales rep.

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Empowering a Sales Person with Education

When agencies begin to grow, hiring a full-time sales person is inevitable.

A good sales person can be the greatest asset in growing the agency.

Treat them as such, and make sure they feel confident in their abilities by empowering them with education. 

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