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Kevin Barber on Building an Agency Brand That Stands Out from the Crowd

This episode of Agency Journey is brought to you by The Digital Project Manager School. Upcoming classes kick off on November 4th, 2019. Learn more about this training opportunity here.

Kevin Barber, CEO at Lean Labs, joined us for an interview about building an agency brand that stands out from the crowd and how to sell growth to clients.

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Worksheet: How to Deal with the Stress and Pressure of Agency Ownership

Pete Brand is back for a second appearance on the Agency Journey podcast. Pete initially came on the podcast in episode 146 to talk about his agency, MINDSCAPE, and their data and analytics-driven approach to marketing and servicing clients.

In this episode, Pete shares his personal story and lessons learned about dealing with the stress that comes with agency ownership, plus practical steps to approach and overcome your anxiety.

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Building a T-Shaped Agency and Transformational Leadership with Remington Begg

Remington Begg is the Chief Remarkable Officer at Impulse Creative and joined Gray on the podcast for the second time. 

Remington initially appeared on Agency Journey back in episode 56 to share his story and discuss his team, culture, and data-driven approach to customer delivery.

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How to Build a 7 Figure Remote Marketing Agency

In this episode of Agency Journey, Ryan Malone from Smart Bug Media talks about building a remote marketing agency the right way.

If you're interested in hearing his story of building Smart Bug, check out our previous interview with Ryan.

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Creating a Culture with Your Team and Clients

In this episode of Agency Journey, John Politksy shares about growing his agency WeSpeak Easy and how to create a healthy agency culture.

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How to Work with and Sell Enterprise Clients

In this episode of Agency Journey, Duncan Craig from Raka comes on the show to discuss growing an agency and how they work with and sell enterprise clients.

Duncan and his co-founders worked together at an agency which eventually sold and, they started Raka together.

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How to Strategically Brand Your Clients' Businesses

In this episode of Agency Journey, Gray interviews Felipe Zorzi from Agencia GDM about starting his agency and their branding process for clients.Starting out, Felipe worked with large brands at a big advertising agency.

But, due to his background, he had friends begin asking him for assistance on marketing and branding their businesses. He realized he felt more passion and joy working with smaller companies and brands than large ones, and made a move to start his agency.

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How to Scale Your Agency to 300K a Month in 2 Years

Johnathan Dane from Costa Mesa-based PPC agency KlientBoost joins us on Episode 97 of Inbound Agency Journey. Johnathan shares his experience growing Klientboost to $300k a month in two years.

Gray and Johnathan covered a lot of ground during their 35-minute conversation, but here are 3 of the biggest takeaways.

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How to Create an Agency Culture and Establish a Niche

Evan McBroom from the Indianapolis-based agency Fishhook joins us on Episode 96 of Inbound Agency Journey. While the audio connection wasn't perfect, it won't take you long to pick up on the energy and passion Evan brings to agency life.

We covered a lot of ground during our 40-minute conversation, but here are 5 of the top action-oriented takeaways from my conversation with Evan.

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Working with a ROWE Company Culture with Michael Reynolds of SpinWeb

More and more successful companies are working with a Results Only Work Ethic (ROWE) and are seeing the benefits. In order for ROWE to work, you need a team of quality employees who you can trust.

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