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Happy Client Show Podcast

Happy Client Show

Podcast hosted by Andrew Dymski & Ben Butler

9 Steps to Resolving Client/Agency Conflict

Do you know what seperates the most successful agencies from the rest of the pack? 

Their processes. 

It's important to have a built out process for every service you offer, every protocol you follow and every situation you can anticipate. 

This applies from anything from the way you make your coffee to the way you handle conflict. This brings us around to client/agency conflict. 

If you're going into an client/agency conflict without a plan, you're setting your agency up for failure. In this episode of the Happy Client Show, we overview a process to resolving any conflict in a way that's respectable for both parties. 

Overview of this Episode

In this episode we discuss: 

  • A proven step-by-step process for handling any conflict
  • The importance of keeping your words respectful, regardless if you're talking to your team, your friends or the client themselves
  • How to objectively analyze any conflict situation to truly understand what happened

Big Concepts

  • Find your inner zen—you don't want to handle conflict when you're angry
  • Handle every conflict over the phone or in person
  • Pratice and rehearse your main points before going into the conflict resolution call

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Ben Butler

Ben Butler

I take my coffee black, my cars manual, and my experiences by the handful. Through these experiences, I've had the opportunity to manage client relationships and projects for marketing agencies. I'm excited to share stories from the trenches to help you lead and manage more fruitful client partnerships.