Case Study: How Gravity Global Skyrocketed Productivity 🚀

gravity global case study


Gravity Global is the world's most awarded specialist complex markets and B2B marketing consultancy offering full-service marketing communications.

But they were facing a problem:

Lack of high-level visibility into how the agency was performing made it hard to identify problems before they became client fires.

They had tried self-implementing ClickUp, only to waste 1.5 frustrating years trying to optimize it.

That's when they reached out to ZenPilot.

Read how Allison and her team transformed their operations

Download our case study to explore the full account of how Gravity Global reached operational excellence—with a little help from yours truly.

ZenPilot has got us all rowing in the same direction and it’s very clear that our operations are much smoother now.

Everybody knows exactly what they’re supposed to do now and the pieces that need to be there in order for it to be done.

With so much visibility into our production and client-service teams, I have quality data we can trust to act on. I can predict when we’re running into resourcing issues, and bring in additional support. I can see if we’re not consistently meeting clients’ demands and fix that issue. I get so much useful operational insight that I couldn’t get before.

Allison Gibbs, Integrator & VP of Operations @ Gravity Global