L10 Meeting™ Template (Built in ClickUp)

L10 Meeting Template

We all spend a bit too much time in meetings, right?

And if you had to rank your current meetings on a scale of 1-10, how many of your current meetings would rank in the 4-5 range?

A component of the EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System®), Level 10 or L10 Meetings™ establish a standardized framework for highly effective and actionable meetings.

In a Level 10 Meeting™, team members participate weekly at the same time and the same place to identify and solve issues that are adding friction to the companies success. Rather than jumping into a meeting with a "light" agenda, the L10 framework walks through the same agenda weekly so that everyone knows their role and what to expect.

The L10 meeting™ agenda template (from ZenPilot), helps you run and document your L10 meetings directly in ClickUp.

By running your L10 meetings™ in ClickUp, you'll keep everything in one place, making it easier to discuss rocks, report on scorecards, add issues, solve issues, and assign to-dos out to the team!

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Implementing EOS® at ZenPilot has been transformational to our business. Everyone is on the same page, we're working towards our goals daily, and everyone has clarity on how they're contributing to our success.

Additionally, the Level 10 Meeting™ structure has helped us cut meeting time in half and made our department + leadership meetings 10x more productive.

Every Tuesday, we come with a list of issues, prioritize them, and solve as many as we can. Running these meetings directly in ClickUp has made it much easier for the team to add issues, report on our scorecard, update their rocks, and assign meeting to-dos.

This L10 Meeting Agenda™ Template is a perfect starting point for businesses looking to start running on EOS® (inside of ClickUp).

Jeff Cypher, Head of Marketing @ ZenPilot