Why UberConference is the Best Online Meeting and Conference Tool

In Episode #6 of Agency Toolbox, we dive into a category of tools that every agency uses: online meeting and conference call platforms.

You're probably familiar with one of the industry standards: GoToMeeting. If your organization hasn't shelled out the cash for a Citrix or WebEx product, you may be using Google Hangouts, Skype, Join.me, or even Appear.in.

Or, if you're really with it, you may already be using UberConference. Just kidding, I'm not a diehard UberConference fan and that's not an affiliate link or anything - they just happen to be the tool that best fit the conference calling needs of our agency, GuavaBox.

UberConference Review:

The Best Online Meeting Platform:

Figuring out the best online meeting platform for your agency comes down to determining your needs. If you're on a tight budget or simplicity in having users join is important, GoToMeeting may be tough to swing. If you need video conferencing, UberConference isn't a good fit. Like all software decisions, think about what you need.

For our agency's conference calling platform, our major requirements were:

  1. Reliable, quality audio connection (usually for between 2-5 lines dialing in).
  2. Easy to join and a simple link to include for users (allowed us to incorporate into automated reminder emails through Acuity Scheduling)
  3. The ability to easily share screens, present, and record calls.
  4. The ability to lock a room so that only the appropriate guests can attend.

We also wanted a platform that looked up-to-date (cough, not GoToMeeting, cough), and wouldn't break the bank. Initially we were paying $50+/month/license for several GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar licenses, which didn't seem unreasonable, but we always ran into problems with prospects and clients trying to join calls - the process was never seamless.

One nice feature of GoToMeeting that we were hoping to replicate was their Google Calendar integration which allows you to click a button and add a new GoToMeeting to your calendar event.

Enter UberConference: Conference Calls Made Easy

I'd been searching for a great conference call solution for a while, but hadn't tried UberConference until my friend Josh Ames, Co-Founder @ SparkReaction, mentioned UberConference to me during his interview on Inbound Agency Journey.

I checked out the UberConference website and loved the design right away. We tested it on a few internal calls and then rolled it out during client meetings. The platform worked great, fit our requirements, and we wound up adopting it and customizing it for all of our GuavaBox and DoInbound meetings.

Now we use UberConference every day, and include a link to the meeting room right inside of our automated event follow up emails (and text messages) through Acuity Scheduling. [You can learn more about how we use Acuity Scheduling to manage appointments and scheduling calls in episodes #2 - #5 of Agency Toolbox]

We're still using UberConference's free plan (which sure beats the GoToMeeting $50+/month) and have kept one of our Citrix licenses for running webinars, video conferencing meetings, and our weekly Happy Hour for DoInbound customers.

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