The Sales Process That Turned IMPACT Diamond with Kyle Bento

This week we are excited to have Kyle Bento from IMPACT Brand and Design. IMPACT is one of only 11 agencies in the world at the time of this recording who have achieved HubSpot Diamond partner status.

Kyle Bento from IMPACT

Kyle helped them get there working as a Business Growth Strategist. He was orginially hired to work in tandem with Tom DiScipio to help the revamp their sales process.

In this episode of Inbound Sales Journey, Kyle breaks that process down and shares with us how IMPACT has become such a successful agency. 

A Diamond-Rated Sales Process

Kyle does an awesome job of walking step-by-step through the sales process they use at IMPACT. If you have ever gone through any HubSpot training you will notice some similarities.

A great piece of advice Kyle gives at the end of the interview is that to have a successful process, you don't need to start from scratch. There are a lot of processes out there, the key is to pick a good one and tweak it to be successful for your agency.

That is what they have done with the sales process HubSpot developed. 

Here is how the team at IMPACT have outlined their sales process: 

  • Connect Stage: This is the first time Kyle gets a chance to connect over the phone with a prospect. The goal is to figure out if there is a potential for a fit between the company and IMPACT. The conversation is kept at a high level. This is the first step of building the relationship with the prospect.
  • Explore Stage: Kyle likes to call this one the "getting to know each other" call. Once a prospect has a conversation with Kyle and he deems them a good prospect he hands them off to Tom for the explore call. During this call Tom begins to dive into what the prospects company structure and future goals are.
  • Goal Setting and Planning Call: This is the call where theories turn to numbers. It's time to use quantitative data to make sure that IMPACT and inbound are a good fit for the prospective company. The IMPACT team starts to figure out what the real scope of the project is going to be and what the fiscal value is to the client. These numbers are crucial to be able to make a compelling pitch when it comes time to deliver the proposal in the next call.
  • Proposal Call: It all comes down to this one. On this call the IMPACT team explains how they are able to align their services to make the change the prospect is looking for at their company.

Kyle explains that the sales process is typically 80% listening and 20% talking. The 20% talking is largely done during that proposal call. 

In order to close a deal the IMPACT team averages between 12-14 hours of total time into the sales process per prospect.

This includes putting the proposal together, company research, sending emails (a.k.a. effort time) as well as actual time spent talking on the phone with the prospects.

"When it comes to sales, the numbers don't lie."

Kyle told us that the key to continuing and improving upon success is data. Make changes to the sales and marketing process, track the results and make an informed decision on whether it was a good or bad move. 

The team at IMPACT has done some incredible things as can be seen through their status as a Diamond HubSpot partner.

It was great having Kyle come on and give us insights into how they have continued to find success.

Connect with Kyle

Have questions for Kyle? He has graciously provided a few ways to connect.

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