Building a T-Shaped Agency and Transformational Leadership with Remington Begg

Remington Begg is the Chief Remarkable Officer at Impulse Creative and joined Gray on the podcast for the second time. 

Remington initially appeared on Agency Journey back in episode 56 to share his story and discuss his team, culture, and data-driven approach to customer delivery.

Shortly after that interview, Impulse went through a rocky transitional phase that included losing a significant percentage of team members.

In this conversation, Remington shares the journey to rebuilding a healthier, happier agency through transformational, not transactional, leadership. He also digs into his approach to building a T-shaped agency, emphasizes the importance of brand and the 4 pillars of growth, and opens up about his approach to team leadership.

Later in the interview, Remington walked us through their process of changing domains and the technical steps they took to not only retain their website traffic, but grow it substantially following the transition.

Impulse has a full blog post and case study on their approach to the domain transition here:

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