How to Repackage Agency By-Products and Leverage Them as Assets for Profit and Fun

Most agencies go about their days living on a treadmill. They're focused on completing the deliverable list for each client, just trying to survive. 

What they don't realize is that they're leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars in the dust. 

You may be thinking:

"You can't be serious, Andrew. Surely I'd notice hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting around the office."


See, agencies love solving problems. That makes clients very happy (or at least appeased, but that is a topic for another post.)  

The problem is they're more focused on solving problems than they are about building assets.

The root of this problem is a belief that their creative instincts are more valuable their past experience.

Principles for Building Assets:

  1. Solve Problems Once
  2. Share Knowledge
  3. Pursue Profit

How to Turn Business By-Products into Profit-Generating Assets:

  1. Standardize the Inputs
  2. Create a Central Hub
  3. Automate, Systematize, and Deploy
  4. Meet to Review and Optimize 4X Per Year

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