What is an Inbound Marketing Agency Framework and Why You Need It

Agency Framework Mini-Series:

  1. Creating an Inbound Marketing Agency Framework (this episode!)
  2. Crafting Agency Core Values and an Agency Organizational Chart
  3. Creating a Client Journey 
  4. Agency Scorecards and Standardized Meetings

There is a lot competing for your attention as a leader of an inbound marketing agency. With client fires and sales pipelines to attend, it is so easy to miss what is most important.

The fact is that you'll never build your dream agency by chance. It takes passion and discipline. The passion to spend the time determining where you want to go and the type of life you want to live. The discipline to make hard choices and follow through on a plan over time. 

This four-part mini series is designed to help you carve out the necessary time to work on your business. 

We start the journey by looking at the basic design of an inbound agency framework. In this episode, we'll walk through the key questions to ask yourself and your core team as you move forward. 

Overview of the Points Covered in This Episode: 

  • Create a clear vision and direction as the owner of the agency first.
  • Get on the same page with your core team. Alignment is essential. 
  • Develop a three-year and one-year vision for the agency.
  • Pace toward your one-year vision by identifying rocks to tackle in the next 3 months.
  • Find an agency niche where you can stand out as the obvious choice to your targeted prospects. 
  • Identify the personas in that niche and craft marketing content that answers their questions. 


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