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The Agency Freedom Manifesto


The traditional digital agency model is broken.

Time and time again it has failed to deliver the freedom that agency owners had hoped it would.

Instead of finding freedom, owners are constantly pulled back into the business because every situation is unique.

As a result, all their time, resources, and creative energy are spent putting out client fires, keeping team morale in check, and maintaining the status quo.

Most agency owners have no freedom over how they spend their time.

They're slaves to their clients. They're the bottleneck.

The gurus and kool-aid-drinking talking heads tell them to just sell retainers, increase their prices, pick a niche, hit the phones, and partner with a big SaaS program.

But the empty promises fall flat.

These once-optimistic entrepreneurs who were ready to impact the world for good are left feeling jaded, frustrated, burnt out, and broken.

After working with 1,300+ agencies, interviewing dozens of industry experts, and spending 8+ years in the agency trenches, we've discovered a better way.

We've condensed these discoveries into a short list of core beliefs, The Agency Freedom Manifesto.

And we're here to share it with the world:

The Agency Freedom Manifesto:

The Proven Path to a Better Agency:

The fastest way to implement the Agency Freedom Manifesto and realize the freedom you've been looking for in in your business is through the Agency Freedom Model.

You should check it out:

See The Agency Freedom Model