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How to Save a Bajillion Hours a Month with HubSpot Sequences

Alright, a bajillion is a slight exaggeration...but pretty darn close...

No tool that I use in my sales stack has saved me as many hours as templating emails and creating sequences inside of the HubSpot CRM. We wanted to do an entire episode just on how we set up sequences because it's been such a game changer at our company.

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What Your Sales Reps Should Be Doing Beyond "Sales"

If you've just hired a career salesperson to run point on business development at your agency, there's a good chance that your new hire is expecting to spend the vast majority of their time on traditional sales activities — a little prospecting, jumping on calls, sending emails, and a lot of closing.

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How to Run Sales Pipeline Reviews at Your Agency

Sales Pipeline reviews help align sales, marketing, and delivery around what needs to be done and eliminate friction and blame-shifting. Your agency should have a clear pipeline established that shows the entire sales process from start to finish.

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Compensation Plans for Account Managers: Inbound Agency Edition

Hiring account managers was a bit of a struggle for our agency.

Not because there isn't talent out there, there is plenty of talent. The struggle came with trying to formulate an incentive structure that was advantageous for both the new account manager and our agency.

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How to Set Up Sales Reporting at Your Agency

This is a unique episode of Inbound Sales Journey.

In this episode, we explain how we have set up sales reporting for both GuavaBox and ZenPilot.

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What is the Best Tool to Create Contracts for Agency Clients

Creating contracts for clients can be a time-consuming process. So can testing out software after software trying to find the right solution. 

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What to Include in a Retainer Contract

Contracts set the tone for the relationships you have with your clients moving forward.

Too relaxed and short and it is hard to take you seriously. Too long and hard to read, it makes it seem like you only care about protecting your own interest.

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Which Sales Compensation Plans Works Best for Your Agency?

If you are in the process of hiring a dedicated sales person at your agency you need a solid compensation plan in place.

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How Many Services Should We sell at Our Agency?

How many services your agency should offer is a balancing act between revenue and efficiency.

For younger agencies, revenue is top priority to survive.

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Who to Hire First: The Project Manager or Sales Person?

One of the most important — if not the most important—decision you will make as an agency owner is who to hire when building the team.

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