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Why Your Agency Needs a Sales Script But Shouldn't Use It

In this episode of Inbound Sales Journey, Gray and Ryan discuss the importance of sales scripts in your agency.

It can be tempting when starting or scaling your agency to rely on sales scripts. However, using sales scripts for yourself or your sales team can actually be causing you more harm than good.

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The Ideal Day: Agency Sales Rep Edition

There are a lot of different activities that an inbound sales rep can do on a day-to-day basis. That's usually a blessing and curse, depending on how organized the sales rep is as they weigh their priorities.

Sales is a balance. One the one hand, there is your current month's paycheck to worry about. On the other hand, there is your future self that needs you planning and so that your job is easier in 6-months than it is right now.

To help you better plan your day and help both your current and future selves, Gray and I have outlined 8 different activities to do on a daily basis to help improve your sales.

Please note — activies do not have to occur all in this order.

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Compensation Plans for Account Managers: Inbound Agency Edition

Hiring account managers was a bit of a struggle for our agency.

Not because there isn't talent out there, there is plenty of talent. The struggle came with trying to formulate an incentive structure that was advantageous for both the new account manager and our agency.

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How to Conduct Agency Sales Person Performance Reviews

Sales people can make or break an agency.

It is our job as agency owners to enable our sales people to have the most success possible by giving them the support we need.

It is also our job to make sure that there are clear standards of success and an obtainable goal to be reached.

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Why Your Sales Team Needs to be Involved in Content Creation

Most agencies I speak with do not have their sales teams involved in content creation.

Instead, they just want them focuses on "selling," while the marketing team or agency owners are the ones out there creating the content driving leads to them. 

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How to Balance Time as a New Agency Owner

Starting an agency is a ton of work. You have to juggle every aspect of the business while growing revenue and creating processes for new hires.

So how are you supposed to balance all aspects of a business and prepare for growth if you are a solopreneur or have a very small team?

We dive into some of the practices we used to grow GuavaBox during this episode of Inbound Sales Journey.

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How to Decide if Your Agency Should Become a HubSpot Partner

Once you decide that you are going to be offering inbound marketing as a core service you need to figure out which marketing automation platform to partner with. 

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Should My Agency Transition to Inbound?

Multiple times each week I speak with an agency that is either looking to transition to inbound marketing as a core service or is thinking about starting a new agency with an inbound focus.

These agency owners are always asking if inbound makes sense and how profitable it is as a core service compared to other services.

Gray and I decided to talk more about our story and give tips on whether or not becoming an inbound agency is the right move during this episode of Inbound Sales Journey.

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Should Your Agency Stop Offering Free Marketing Assessments?

In this episode of Inbound Sales Journey, Gray and I decided we wanted to shake things up and instead of talking about just one particular issue, we talked about the issues of the day.

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How to Train New Sales People at Your Agency

Hiring a dedicated sales person is an exciting, but daunting task for most agencies.

The exciting part is the potential revenue gained.

The daunting part is getting that sales person to a place of high performance. 

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