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Same Side Selling: Agency Edition

In this episode of Inbound Sales Journey, Gray and Ryan discuss the book "Same Side Selling: A Radical Approach to Break Through Sales Barriers" by Ian Altman and Jack Quarles.

The book covers how to get both sides in sales on the same side of the table and turning sales into a win-win solution.

Typically, sales are treated as a zero-sum game. This book shows you how to help both sides aligned in finding the best solution for the prospect.

By approaching agency sales this way, your agency will avoid coming across as a pushy sales person and rather trusted consultant.

Same Side Selling gives you the tactical steps to setting up this type of sales process.

One huge factor is setting expectations. Your engagement with a client, you will either meet, fail, or exceed expectations.

During a sale, being diligent to outline this and being honest with them will help you improve your client relationships.

If a prospect isn't a good fit, and you know that you can't solve the issue for them, recommend them another solution.

By being honest and trying to solve their problem as best you can, you gain credibility and set your agency apart from the competition.

Same Side Selling is a book that will help agency owners close more deals and set them up for success in selling.

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Topics: Sales, Best Practices

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