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Is INBOUND a Good Place to Prospect?

Every year around this time I get questions from agency owners who have never been to INBOUND if the conference is worth attending.

Since INBOUND is right around the corner Gray and I thought it would be fun to do an episode tackling this topic. In this episode we talk about attending the conference both from a business development standpoint as well as from an agency momentum standpoint.

The short of it is that yes, we do think the conference is worth attending. But much like any other opportunity it is what you make of it.

What Are Your Expectations?

Expectations are everything. We talk about them all of the time on this podcast. Setting clear expectations for your team on what you want to get out of a conference is the only way to really know if it is worth the investment.

What are your conference goals? Are they tangible?

If your conference goals are sales related I would try and set some tangible expectations. For example, I want each sales person to meet and exchange business cards with 10 prospects each day. At the end you have now made meaningful contact with XXXX amount of new prospects you can add to the database and work on setting appointments with.

If sales isn't the primary motivation for attending INBOUND that's fine, and Gray and I think it's still worth the investment.

Whether it's learning new ideas from other agencies in the partner track, checking out the latest from HubSpot during their product talks, or getting inspiration from impressive keynotes, there is always value to be grasped.

Prospecting with a Plan

HubSpot took the liberty of making prospecting easier by being able to quickly identify if an attendee works at another agency or at a company that uses HubSpot. The name tags you are given will have a border color to separate you into those categories.

HubSpot also gives you the ability to purchase a booth to advertise your agency. The benefit here is that prospects are more likely to come to you for help and it's easier to open into that conversation.

Do some planning before the conference after you set your expectations. Create a plan for conference and determine how you will meet those goals.

Have additional thoughts? Share them below!

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