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Articles by Ryan Herman

I’m in charge of two areas — ZenPilot's growth and our customers' wild success. I recently quit my corporate job to pursue my passion for entrepreneurship and the marketing industry.

Recent Posts:

The 8 Best Features of HubSpot Sales Pro and the HubSpot CRM

Over here at ZenPilot, we are avid HubSpot Sales Pro users. We spent A LOT of hours establishing a sales process for our agency (GuavaBox) in the HubSpot CRM and then took that knowledge and expanded upon it when we started our SaaS company.

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Why Your Agency Shouldn't Use HubSpot Sales for Your Team

One of the most frequent questions Gray and I are asked is which CRM is the best for an inbound marketing agency to use. We are HubSpot Sales Pro users, however, we have tried quite a few others before landing with the HubSpot CRM.

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The Ideal Day: Agency Sales Rep Edition

There are a lot of different activities that an inbound sales rep can do on a day-to-day basis. That's usually a blessing and curse, depending on how organized the sales rep is as they weigh their priorities.

Sales is a balance. One the one hand, there is your current month's paycheck to worry about. On the other hand, there is your future self that needs you planning and so that your job is easier in 6-months than it is right now.

To help you better plan your day and help both your current and future selves, Gray and I have outlined 8 different activities to do on a daily basis to help improve your sales.

Please note — activies do not have to occur all in this order.

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What Your Sales Reps Should Be Doing Beyond "Sales"

If you've just hired a career salesperson to run point on business development at your agency, there's a good chance that your new hire is expecting to spend the vast majority of their time on traditional sales activities — a little prospecting, jumping on calls, sending emails, and a lot of closing.

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The Second Best Answer in Sales

To be in sales you need to have tough skin.

I was given that advice shortly before taking my first sales job in real estate. What no one told me was not only do you need thick skin, you need the patience of a saint.

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How to Make More Money by Leveraging Agency Partnerships

Bad leads waste our time as agency owners and sales people.

But just because a lead isn't the right fit for your agency doesn't mean they aren't a good fit for all agencies. There can be a variety of reasons that a lead isn't the right fit. They want a service you don't offer, their budget is too small, the project is too big etc...

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How to Run Sales Pipeline Reviews at Your Agency

Sales Pipeline reviews help align sales, marketing, and delivery around what needs to be done and eliminate friction and blame-shifting. Your agency should have a clear pipeline established that shows the entire sales process from start to finish.

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Compensation Plans for Account Managers: Inbound Agency Edition

Hiring account managers was a bit of a struggle for our agency.

Not because there isn't talent out there, there is plenty of talent. The struggle came with trying to formulate an incentive structure that was advantageous for both the new account manager and our agency.

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The 2017 Inbound Sales Landscape: Self-Service & More

As marketing agencies we often talk about how marketing is a rapidly changing landscape.

We make predictions, attend conferences, and keep up on the latest trends. Sometimes, though, it seems we overlook the change and progression of the sales landscape.

In this episode, Gray and I break down how we have seen sales change during 2016 and how we anticipate sales changing even more in 2017.

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How to Set Up Sales Reporting at Your Agency

This is a unique episode of Inbound Sales Journey.

In this episode, we explain how we have set up sales reporting for both GuavaBox and ZenPilot.

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