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Articles by Ryan Herman

I’m in charge of two areas — ZenPilot's growth and our customers' wild success. I recently quit my corporate job to pursue my passion for entrepreneurship and the marketing industry.

Recent Posts:

How to Create Courses to Grow Your Agency

In this episode of Inbound Sales Journey, Ryan and Gray debate the pros and cons of creating courses at your agency.

If your agency is successfully selling services, why should you consider a course?

Here’s what Ryan and Gray had to say about it:

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How Recording 100 Podcast Episodes Made Us Better at Sales

In this 100th episode of Inbound Sales Journey, Ryan and Gray talk about how recording 100 podcast episodes have improved their sales skills.

Here are the main benefits discussed in this episode:

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Why Your Agency Needs a Sales Script But Shouldn't Use It

In this episode of Inbound Sales Journey, Gray and Ryan discuss the importance of sales scripts in your agency.

It can be tempting when starting or scaling your agency to rely on sales scripts. However, using sales scripts for yourself or your sales team can actually be causing you more harm than good.

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How We Grew Our Marketing Agency Leads by 80x in 9 Months

In this episode of Inbound Agency Journey, Gray and Ryan talk about their experience growing GuavaBox.

They explore what marketing and lead generation efforts worked best. Here are the two primary insights from GuavaBox's growth.

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The Best Ways to Generate Leads for Your Agency

In this episode of Inbound Sales Journey, Ryan and Gray break down their favorite ways to generate leads for your agency.

The first step in generating leads for your agency, no matter the situation, is to define your niche and services.

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The Top 5 Sales Podcasts Agency Sales Reps Need to Listen To

In this episode of Inbound Sales Journey, Gray and Ryan cover the top 5 podcasts they recommend for agency sales reps.

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Why Your Inbound Sales Reps Need Their Own Brand

In this episode of Inbound Sales Journey, Gray and Ryan discuss the benefits of sales reps having personal brands and how to get started building them.

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The Best Live Chat Tool for Agencies

Live chat has become an incredibly effective tool for connecting with prospects at the prime moment when they are on your website and looking for answers.

The standard goal for response time used to be one business day, now with live chat, it's a matter of minutes.

We have tried a variety of live chat platforms and discuss the pros and cons of each and which is the best fit for agencies to get started with.

Whether live chat is something you are either currently doing and you are trying to become more effective with it, or something you have just begun to consider, this episode should be helpful!

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Best Calendar Scheduling App for Inbound Sales Reps

There are a ton of different meeting apps out there to help make it easier for prospects and clients to schedule a time to connect.

We have tried quite a few at our own agency but there are three in particular that stood out as the best options.

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How to Save a Bajillion Hours a Month with HubSpot Sequences

Alright, a bajillion is a slight exaggeration...but pretty darn close...

No tool that I use in my sales stack has saved me as many hours as templating emails and creating sequences inside of the HubSpot CRM. We wanted to do an entire episode just on how we set up sequences because it's been such a game changer at our company.

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