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Articles by Ben Butler

I take my coffee black, my cars manual, and my experiences by the handful. Through these experiences, I've had the opportunity to manage client relationships and projects for marketing agencies. I'm excited to share stories from the trenches to help you lead and manage more fruitful client partnerships.

Recent Posts:

How to Prepare Your Agency for 2016

2015 is steadily coming to a close. Hopefully you're finishing up for the year and freeing yourself up to think about 2016.

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5 Ways to Caffeinate Your Agency's Brand

As agencies, we take on a lot. New clients, responsibilities, and opportunities. 

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5 Steps to a More Profitable Agency

It's the question on the mind of every agency. "How can I run a more profitable agency?

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What Happens One Hour After Winning a New Client?

We've all seen what happens one hour after drinking a can of Coke

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Our Inbound Agency Mastermind Group—DoInbound Happy Hour

Most people may just relate mastermind groups with modern day internet entrepreneurs, but in fact the concept was first coined by Napolean Hill over 75 years ago.

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The Structure for an Awesomely Organized HubSpot File Manager

For the HubSpotter, the File Manager is both central and familiar to what we do on a daily basis.

It's our location for dropping all of the support files—images, videos, content offer PDFs and other resources—that make our site's universe go round. 

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