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The Best Clipboard Manager for Busy Agency Teams: Paste Review

We're back with another episode of Agency Toolbox on the best productivity tools for agency team members! This week, we're digging into the always alluring topic of clipboard management. Clearly everybody's favorite 😄

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Databox Review: Automate Your Agency's Reporting

One of the least favorite activities at most agencies, scratch that, at most organizations is reporting. Especially in creative fields (like the marketing agency space), most people would much rather do work than step back, gather data, and analyze the results of that work.

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Introducing the ZenPilot Title Formatter for Content Creators

Are you a content creator who hates spending time on the tiny details like word counts, capitalization, and optimizing the length of your post titles? If so, I've got a simple, beautiful tool to share that'll help you be more productive.

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Magnet Review: My Favorite Window Manager for Mac Users

This week on the Agency Toolbox podcast, I want to share a relatively new (to me) productivity tool, Magnet. It's a simple window manager for Mac OS that allows you to use keyboard shortcuts to instantly organize your open applications and maximize your screen's real estate.

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What is the Best Webinar Platform for Your Marketing Agency?

Back in Episode 6, we went over our solution for conference calls for online meetings.

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HubSpot File Manager Best Practices and Optimization Tips

If you've been an active HubSpot user for longer than 3 months, you can probably relate to this pain: you need to track down that one image file that you know you uploaded back in the day, but you're really struggling.

You try searching, but you can't remember the file name. Then you start clicking into folders, but you can't remember where you put it.

You're starting to get frazzled, so you start clicking through the pagination buttons and finally get so frustrated with how long it's taking to find a single image that you head back to your local machine to find it again and upload it. After sorting through your mess of local files or your team's Dropbox or Google Drive folder structure, you find the image you wanted, upload it, and away you go.

But what did you accomplish?

What really just happened was: a) a lot of wasted time and added stress, and b) you've now compounded the problem by adding yet another duplicate file to the mess inside your HubSpot portal's file manager.

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How to Integrate Slack & SupportKit for Live Chat

Looking to set up free live chat on your website? If so, you've come to the right place. 

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How to Get the Most out of Slack for your Agency

Team communication is an important topic to tackle as an agency. A major component of that communication is the medium you select to facilitate and organize your interactions. Your choice can ultimately slow your agency down or speed it up. 

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How to Set up the Best Google Drive Folder System for Your Agency

Google Drive folder organization isn't the most exciting topic, but if you work at a marketing agency, you understand the importance of a strong system for file management. In the previous episode of Agency Toolbox, we compared Google Drive and Dropbox, laid out the pros and cons, and I shared why our agency chose Google Drive as our file management application.

Today, we're getting into the nuts and bolts of the best Google Drive folder system for agencies. I'll share our structure at GuavaBox with the intention of giving you a starting point to create or improve your agency's file management system. 

Google Drive Folder System for Agencies:

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Why Use Google Drive vs. Dropbox for Your Marketing Agency

In Episode #7 of Agency Toolbox, we dive into the cloud storage debate and answer the question: "should I use Google Drive or Dropbox? What's the best file management solution for my marketing agency?"

I'm a co-founder of a 5-year old marketing agency, GuavaBox, that started with Dropbox, flip-flopped, used both concurrently, and finally switched over to Google Drive. I wanted to share that information with you as a frame of reference. I've also used the free versions of both tools for a couple years, and paid for both tools (I've been a Dropbox Pro user for 3+ years, and a Google Drive paid user for about 8 months as of October, 2015).

WIth that background in place, let's get into the debate.

Google Drive vs. Dropbox Review:

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