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Why You Need a Mentor for Your Agency with Brent Weaver of uGurus

In this episode of Inbound Agency Journey, Andrew interviews Brent Weaver of uGurus about building his digital agency and uGurus.

Like many agency owners, Brent struggled for years building a business that gave him the life he wanted. It all clicked for him one day while in a business accelerator that he discovered what he needed to do.

Once he began investing in mentorship, Brent quickly grew his agency and sold it.

Mentors are what took Brent's journey from a struggling owner to agency success. Here are his opinions on mentorship.

Why You Need Mentors

Agency owners face a tough road building their businesses. Agency life isn't easy. You quickly find yourself wearing a dozen hats and trying to make everything work.

Brent believes that for owners to build a business and lifestyle they want, they need to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

No business owner is perfect. Finding mentors with skills and insights to help you overcome hurdles and weaknesses will help you build your agency and dream life.

It's a time and money commitment, but the returns more than make up for it.

Take time to see what your strengths are, what needs to be done at the agency. Figure out if you're good at the task; if it's hard for you and time consuming, not time-consuming but emotionally draining or it's in your sweet spot. Then begin finding mentors and guidance for each of those weaknesses.

You can then focus on your strengths in the business.

Where to find mentors

Agency owners may be wondering where to find mentors or that they don't have the time to work with one now.

You can find mentors in several places. You can connect to people online, you can reach out to local successful business owners individuals or people your target niche.

Even if a business mentor hasn't built an agency, they can offer insights, referrals, and other benefits.

Finding people further along the path of success will transform how you run and how you feel about your business.

Mentorship can take you to another level and is worth the investment!

Brent's experience from building his agency to now working with agency owners shows how mentorship can help owners at any level.

Take time today to brainstorm where you can get mentorship advice!

If you're interested in a FREE $200 course from uGurus, email brent@ugurus.com and let him know you listened to the show!

Topics: EOS, Consultants

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