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The #1 Reason Agencies Can't Sell and the MoneyPath Growth Strategy

Todd Earwood, CEO of MoneyPath Marketing, joins us on the podcast to share his story, specialization strategy, and how he manages to run MoneyPath, HalfCourt Ventures, and still find time to work on new products.

At MoneyPath, Todd and his team offer only two core service types: highly technical backend integrations and a few types of campaigns that marry sales and marketing to drive revenue.

Regardless of what the client is buying, MoneyPath starts all engagements with a month-long strategy project to understand the current situation, identify the highest-impact growth opportunities, and build the growth blueprint to address those needs.

This growth blueprint process also gives Todd and the team an opportunity to evaluate the client fit and make sure they're working with the right type of client.

Listen carefully to learn why Todd doesn't believe in brand, the number one reason why so many digital agencies are terrible at sales, and get the inside scoop on Todd's newest product, Webinar Works.

If you enjoyed this episode, connect with Todd on LinkedIn and shoot him a quick note to let him know.

Topics: Sales, Services

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