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How to Repackage Agency By-Products and Leverage Them as Assets for Profit and Fun

Most agencies go about their days living on a treadmill. They're focused on completing the deliverable list for each client, just trying to survive. 

What they don't realize is that they're leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars in the dust. 

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How to Quit Following Client Demands

This is the eighth post in a series on the Agency Freedom Manifesto.

In the last post, we discussed how to train better clients via your sales process.

Today, let's tackle the next step in the client journey — once you're working with a client, how do you lead the strategy and not simply follow your client's demands?

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Train Better Clients With Your Sales Process

This is the seventh post in a series on the Agency Freedom Manifesto.

In the last post, we worked through how to get paid for what you know, not simply what you can do.

Today, we're working on setting the groundwork for healthy client relationships from the very beginning, your sales process.

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Get Paid for What You Know, Not Simply What You Can Do

The traditional broken agency business model says that you should be paid for what you do for clients.

Trading time for money is no way to deliver value. 

When you package your expertise into the solution to your ideal-fit client's costly problem, then you've changed the game.

Now you're valued for what you know — your expertise. This unlocks a host of benefits and we'll unpack three of these benefits in this post.

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Sell the Solution, Not Services

You do yourself a huge favor when you help one ideal-fit client solve their costly problem

When you get this specific about who you help, you can apply your creative and problem solving energy to creating the fastest path to their desired outcome.  

This shift in positioning removes your services as the center of your business and replaces them with the ideal-fit client. 

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Help One Ideal-Fit Client Solve a Costly Problem

This is the fourth post in a series on the Agency Freedom Manifesto.

In my last post, we worked through positioning your agency and making the hard decision that simplifies every other decision.

Today, we're going to tackle the fastest path to mastery, results, and profit.

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Make the hard decision once that makes every other decision easy

This is the third post in a series on the Agency Freedom Manifesto.

Tim Ferriss often asks himself a simple question when prioritizing his work.

What one thing, if completed first, would make everything else subsequently easier?

The same general principle holds true for the third point of the Agency Freedom Manifesto: make the hard decision once that makes every other decision easy.

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