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Combining the Power of EOS and Agile at Your Agency with Jared Harris

In this episode we're excited to welcome Jared Harris from New Perspective. In our conversation Jared shares how New Perspective made the evolution to Agile for managing their client projects

One big piece of insight that stuck out to me after chatting with Jared was the importance of a retrospective. This is a time each week where you meet as a team to discuss the past week. Since they had already implemented the EOS, the team easily transitioned from a highly structured level-10 meeting to a more free flowing retrospective. 

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Tips and Tricks to Build a HubSpot Platinum Partner Agency

In this episode of Inbound Agency Journey, Gray interviews Sean Sweet from Blend about growing a HubSpot Platinum Partner Agency.

Starting as a design agency, Blend has become one of the top HubSpot Partner Agencies in the UK.

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Applying Scrum to Inbound Servicing with Jeremy Knight

Jeremy Knight is the founder of Equinet, an inbound and content marketing agency in Bedford, UK. In this interview, Jeremy and I cover a lot of ground. We cover everything from full time employees or contractors to the real issue with all project management tools. 

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Luke Summerfield on Growing Your Agency with Growth-Driven Design

Luke Summerfield is a Program Manager at HubSpot, but may be more familiar to you as the godfather of the Growth-Driven Design (GDD) movement. In Episode #84 of Inbound Agency Journey, Luke came on the podcast to share his background, the origins of Growth-Driven Design, and tools and tips for agencies who are offering GDD services to their clients.

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Delivering Innovative Inbound Services with Your Marketing Team

It is funny the paths that bring us to entrepreneurship. For Jeff White from Kula Partners, it may not have been the way he thought he would arrive. The agency that had courted him for over 9 months decided to fire him after just a few weeks on the job. On top of that, it was the same week that Jeff and his wife had their first baby.

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