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The Flywheel Model and Service as a Growth Center? Moby Siddique from RedPandas

Moby Siddique from RedPandas Digital joins Gray on the podcast this week to dig into an array of marketing topics and a look forward at 2019.

Conversational Marketing is growing quickly and consumer expectations are evolving alongside it. Having a chat widget on a site (like this one) is no longer a major differentiator. An actual human who responds quickly and helpfully, however, is still a major differentiator today -- though hopefully that becomes commonplace in the future and bot intelligence continues to improve so users can more easily get the information they seek, when, where, and how they want it.

Moby shared how every recent year has been "the year of video," but it's finally coming true in a more personal way.

One of the major topics we discuss in this interview is the flywheel model (and it's comparative value to the funnel visualization) and how the servicing component of businesses ought to act as a growth center.

At ZenPilot, we've embraced customer delivery and are turning customer delight into our largest revenue driver. Are you pursuing a similar strategy? Chat with us and let us know!

Lastly, Moby is a fellow podcaster and hosts the InboundBuzz podcast. We dug into the impact it's had on his business and his personal development as the podcast has served as an amazing learning asset.

https://twitter.com/mobysiddique and you can check out RedPandas Digital at redpandas.com.au.

Topics: Marketing, Services

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