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How to Use Agile to Make Your Agency More Profitable

In this episode of Agency Journey, Gray interviews Dechay Watts about Agile and growing her agency SPROUT Content and implementing Agile.

She began her agency in 2008, merged with a partner, began offering content marketing services before it exploded. Since then they've been on the cutting edge of content marketing and understanding what clients need to get the results they want.

Here are the main takeaways from the interview:

Explore Working with Sales

Like many agency owners, Dechay ran into the issue where clients weren’t able to close the business they were receiving. Content marketing only mattered to a client if it resulted in sales.

This led SPROUT into transitioning to HubSpot and helping with sales. Many agency clients still have a gap between marketing and sales and putting the pieces together. They offer the service now to help their clients get the ROI they want.

However, they’ve struggled with getting some clients or prospects to see the picture so they may discontinue offering the service.

This is a great example of an agency owner making smart business decisions. Seeing the need for a service, she attempted to solve it. If it continues to distract from the core of the business and it's not helping her business reach her goals, then she's willing to drop it.

Some agency owners think more is better, instead of focusing on their core business. Sales is a weak part for many clients, and there's a definite need. It may be worth exploring for your agency, but if it’s not a strength, be willing to look out for your agency first and drop it.

How to Use Agile

After creating content about Agile for one of their clients, Dechay began exploring implementing it at her agency. Working with clients, she saw the importance of having an adaptable system to working with them over a long period of time.

Marketing needs to be flexible and adapt to goals, and she saw Agile as a way of helping her agency deliver better results for her clients. This made her agency more of an ongoing partner with the client rather than just fulfillment of a service.

On her team, they use JIRA and have weekly sprints. They also cross-train team members to make sure the work gets done. They’ve adopted the points system to improve pricing to become more profitable and efficient. After educating clients on the way they do Agile and points and getting them to understand SPROUT's system, they haven’t looked back.

Dechay and SPROUT is a great example of how agency owners need to always be adapting to the needs of the market and finding out how to best solve them.

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