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How Huify Masters the Marketing Agency Sales Process

In Episode 6, we're excited to bring Josh Harcus from Huify to the podcast. There are a lot of inbound marketing agencies struggle when it comes time to change gears from inbound marketing to inbound selling.

Josh pulls back the curtain on how he and his team approach inbound selling from an agency perspective. A cool takeaway from this interview was just how well phone calls are working in Josh's sales process.

Picking up the phone and making calls cannot be ignored. Over the past two months he has made over 100 calls and has had only one person request to continue the conversation via email. 

In the inbound marketing industry it can be tempting to rely on automating every part of the business. But it's important to remember all the other sales tools available at your disposal. We may have gotten into the online business industry in order to avoid talking to people directly, but for a lot of prospects, this is still how business gets done day to day.

There are tons of great tips inside this episode that will help you and your agency put a stronger sales process into place. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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