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How Impact BND Grew Leads by 500% in 24 Months with John Bonini

If you're looking for an example of an inbound marketing agency that practices what they preach, look no further than IMPACT Branding and Design in Wallingford, CT. IMPACT is a HubSpot Platinum Tier Partner agency with just under 40 team members. 

In this episode of Inbound Agency Journey, Gray interviews John Bonini, Marketing Director at IMPACT. Listen and learn how John delivered crazy results that grew leads at Impact by over 500% in 24 months!! 

Focus is Key to IMPACT's Success

John shares how they have selected their primary verticals: software, technology, and consultative companies in the B2B space with less than 150 employees. This strategy helps create empathy in the sales process and expedite the relationship building process. 

Finding focus has also helped John McTigue from Kuno Creative, Tom Schwab from Inbound for eCommerce, and Michael Redman from Half a Bubble Out scale their agencies. 

Learn how IMPACT stopped focusing on deliverables and started building client strategies around client goals. The people who simply want a menu of services may not be the right clients for you. This can be a tough decision for an agency to make, but just may be the key to building the agency of your dreams!

John also shares the biggest struggle that the IMPACT team is facing today and how he keeps his team motivated and creative in the mornings. Great nuggets in this interview for agencies of every size!

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Topics: Sales, Operations, Marketing

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