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LIVE Sales Role Playing Exercise and Selling to Value with David Weinhaus

Most agencies that struggle with sales are struggling because they're selling the wrong thing.

Let's say you design websites. You may think that a website is what you're selling in the sales process.

But no, you're not really selling a website.

You're really selling the outcome that the prospect is looking to achieve. The website is just the leverage to get you there.

The value in the prospect's mind needs to align with the value you're selling.

On this episode, I'm joined by David Weinhaus from HubSpot's agency team. David helps HubSpot Partner Agencies improve their sales game.

David and I go deep into the topic of selling to value. It is a different experience from selling to services or selling to features. When you're selling to value, you need to invest the time getting to know your prospect.

If you're not willing to spend the time truly getting to know your prospect, then this process isn't for you.

But if you are interested in learning how to connect on a deeper layer with qualified prospects and gain trust in their eyes, then take a listen!

Example Success Story: 

By aligning his pricing to value, Keith Gutierrez has seen his average retainer size increase by $20,000 per year on average and shares some very actionable steps he has used to do so in this presentation

Resources Mentioned on This Episode: 

  1. Sales Skills Bootcamp (by David Weinhaus)
  2. Pipeline Generation Bootcamp (by Dan Tyre)

Topics: Sales

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