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How Mojo Media Labs Retains Clients by Building a Team Culture

Are you ever guilty of committing Random Acts of Marketing (RAM)? I know I have been. That 30-day blogging campaign or that eBook that just needed to be created.

The trouble with RAM is it feels good in the moment, but fails to sustain with time. These activities fail because they're not connected to anything. They're like rejected space junk floating through the galaxy. No purpose, no propulsion, and no momentum. 

Real winning only comes from taking the time upfront to create a clear and actionable strategy. If you're working on your business or for your clients, creating a clear strategy at the onset can clear the path for success. 


This is the mindset of Michael Rose, CEO and Founder of Mojo Media Labs. Michael is a serial entrepreneur and author of Return on Energy. He is currently leading a fast-growing team of 14 at Mojo. 

An inbound agency's success is directly tied to the health of its culture. When Michael looks to add a member to the team, he first looks for "fit." They feel like they can train on everything else, but finding the right agency fit is key. The people on your team need to align with your agency core values. 

"We promote, recruit, retain, and remove based on core values." 


Each member of the Mojo team has their own "swim lanes" that give them the ability to focus on their specific roles. This allows each team member to specialize in a specific area and add clear value. There are nine roles within the agency to deliver inbound services.

Agency Roles at Mojo Media Labs:

  • Digital Marketing Manger
  • Account Manager 
  • Content Manager 
  • Email Specialist
  • Social Media Specialist 
  • SEO Specialist 
  • Inbound Designer 
  • Programmer 
  • Production Manger 

Creating clarity with your roles empowers your team to know what they need to do each day.  

An Environment of Empowerment

Open Book Management is kicking off next quarter. This is done in hopes of helping the team become more aware of the business finances, but also to help the team become more financially literate at home. Being open helps people do their jobs better. 

For more information, check out SmallGiants.org.

Dwight Eisenhower Decision Matrix


A Few Memorable Quotes:

  • "Campaigns are the tactical implementation of our strategy."
  • "We don't believe is selling strategy based on the weight of the document. We believe in selling strategy based on the effectiveness of the campaigns."
  • "How can we leverage process development to help clients see progress faster?"

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