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How to Educate Agency Leads with Webinar Workshops

The web is a crowded space, especially for inbound marketing agencies. It can be hard to be heard amidst all the noise. That is why marketing your agency is a non-negotiable these days. 

Above just marketing your agency, you should be thinking of fun and creative ways to make it happen. That is just what Chris Handy from Thinkhandy is doing and he shares some of his strategy this week on Inbound Agency Journey. 

Each month Chris hosts Inbound Success Workshops. This is an interactive Q&A webinar where Chris fields questions from his audience and shares the answers live on the call. This has grown to be much more than just a cool marketing activity, it is actually an integral part of their sales process.

I get fired up about the idea of user-created content. It's awesome for three reasons:

  1. It is personal.
  2. It is right from the mind of your persona. 
  3. You can leverage the content across platforms. 

Make it personal by addressing people who are live on the call. Don't ask for the sale on the webinar, just focus on being helpful. 

Taking the time to have unqualified prospect pick your brain is frustrating. Adding an event like an Inbound Success Workshops to your funnel can help you still share education with these leads, but do it in a more scalable way.

Chris is a believer in agile project management. This means working completely open in their project management software with the client. If a project is running late, the client can see it. 

He shares some awesome resources in this episode, so check it out! I know you're going to find a lot of great ideas that you can apply to your business right away. 

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